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This webservice supports better high school computer science learning.

Learning is improved when students are actively reflecting on their progress. Explicit student-centered goals support better understanding.

Clear knowledge of the gap between current skill & understanding and desired skill & understanding support stronger learning. Authentic meaningful dialog between peers and teachers improves understanding.


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How well do you understand topics in computer science? Master important computer science concepts and key terms. You can register and start learning. All of this is free and you can help yourself and other students learn better.

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Sign up your students and facilitate authentic assessment based around many different popular standards for computer science. Help by writing, reviewing, and rating assessment questions and answers. Everything we can open-source on this site we open source. You are welcome to download and share all our questions (and answers). Track student progress towards meeting standards.

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This is an in-development project to apply principles of artificial intelligence and machine learning to create authentic approaches to assessment in computer science.

  1. Phase 1 (current) is to design and implement an assessment instrument for active computer science students
  2. Phase 2 is to begin applying primitive principles of machine learning and interactive intelligence to the system
  3. Phase 3 is to continue applying non-primitive principles of machine learning and interactive intelligence to the system
  4. Phase 4 is to clean up everything and share this system with the world